Franchise Reduction

The insurance included is third-party liability, total-loss for accident, theft protection (only total-loss), total-loss for fire and partial protection for damage with franchise.
This franchise, under the regular rental conditions, is currently at least AR$40000, with a coverage limit for damages depending on the vehicle rented.
With the implementation of the PREMIUM PACKAGE, you have the possibility to reduce to just AR$20000 the amount to block your credit card as a guarantee, expanding the coverage of the rented car and covering partial damages of that value up to AR$120000. For booking this insurance, the customer will pay only once the amount of AR$2500 to AR$12000 (depending on the car and the branch), not being a representative value in weekly rentals.
From our own experience and of our customers, we know that risks are sometimes inevitable and dislikes tend to detract the enjoyment of a trip that should be for pleasure. This new option is designed to benefit those who trust our services, which are aimed at: IMPROVING YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCE.
Thanks for choosing us!

* The amounts expressed above correspond to an economic vehicle, for the most economical branch as an example.