Why do we dream of our own company?

Prior to create our car rental company, we were overwhelmed with our jobs.

  • Being independent was our main motivation. We started little by little and with a low investment. We had very few cars and we were growing until we had several branches throughout the country.

  • We know perfectly well if you are feeling what we felt at that time, you are ready to start this business and meet your expectations.

  • Car rental is an activity directly linked to tourism. In Argentina, the flow of tourism (foreign and domestic) grows year by year, generating an unsatisfied demand that should be covered.

With this in mind, we designed a franchise system for people like us, with the desire to progress and become independent.


Stop working for others! You can try it at low cost and low risk:

  • Start your business at minimum cost (you can start with ONE car).

  • Initial Franchise Fee: U$S 0.

  • Fast and safe growth.

We provide you 24 hours support. Don´t go crazy!:

  • Provide the know-how.

  • Delivery of procedure manuals.

  • Right to use the integral process management system (a help tool throughout the company's operations, with a great decrease in daily work time).

  • Legal support in the face of inconveniences generated by the activity.

Start selling from day zero!:

  • Comprehensive marketing services, design, social media management and advertising campaigns included from the beginning.

  • The branch will be added to our website, as a sales channel.

  • Inclusion of the branch in different webpages with which Rentar Low Cost has a contract (Despegar.com, Booking.com, Rentcars.com, etc).

  • Exclusivity zone. You will be the only one that can carry out the activity in the established area.

Check the low monthly cost at “info@rentarlowcost.com”.